Top playground renovations

We've done it. The new kindy playground is finished. And it looks AMAZING!

After a lot of planning and preparation, and an intense 2 weeks over the holidays, the new kindy playground and secret garden are ready for our children to explore and have fun in.

David Fearne has been the most brilliant project manner from beginning to end. We thank you for your valuable time and expertise, your patience and can-do attitude. You have given up many weekends and all of the school holidays, without you this project wouldn't have been possible and we cannot thank you enough. A massive thank you to Mark Johnson, Sam Jolly and Brent Litchwark for building the fabulous new bridges for the kids to run across and drive their trucks under. A huge thank you Steph Donigi for your work drawing up the original design and plans, and to everyone who gave up their holidays to help dig dirt, move rocks, lay drains and plant trees - David, Emily Lurje, Sandra Palmer, Steph Donigi, Vicki Hotston, Jo Hoban, Alan Hoban, Nick Clarke, Mike Cujes, Malcolm Crabtree, Anna's sister Emma and mum Roselyn, Michelle Wood and her son Noah, Siobhan Fletcher, Nick Bourne, Bev Proctor, Sarah MacKenzie, Jen Stanley, Bryony Barkhuizen and Anna Hutchings. Your help was invaluable. And lastly, a big thank you Bryony, Jen and Anna for all your work pulling the project together, organizing contractors and supplies and planting a never ending supply of plants. You are fab. I'm sure the kids know how lucky they are to belong to such a wonderful kindy community committed to making their kindy a better place. And they are going to have such a wonderful time in their new playground and secret garden. Thank you everyone!