We are a one-unit centre, catering for approximately 22 three and a half to four and a half year old children in each kindergarten group (Blue and Yellow groups); and approximately 16 three year old children in each pre-kindergarten group (Red and Green).

Blue Group - Kindergarten (Pre-prep) attends: Monday, Tuesday and (alternate) Wednesdays 8:25am – 2.35pm

Yellow Group - Kindergarten (Pre-prep) attends: (alternate) Wednesdays, Thursday and Friday 8:25am – 2.35pm

Red Pre-Kindergarten Group (for children who turn 3 before School Starts) Monday and Tuesday 3.15pm – 4.45pm

Green Pre-Kindergarten Group (for children who turn 3 by June) Wednesday and Thursday 3.15pm – 4.45pm

Our centre is open five days a week, Monday to Friday. We follow the State School year with the same holiday breaks, although please note that we do not share the State School pupil free days, we do have our own pupil free days, please refer to our Kindergarten Calendar.

Our Program

Play provides the foundation for young children’s learning. Our qualified early-childhood educators create a play-based program that focuses on each child’s ever-changing needs and interests.

Our indoor and outdoor environments are well resourced and thoughtfully arranged to engage and entice the children’s natural appetite for learning. To make the most of our peaceful surroundings, children are free to play inside or outside concurrently.

Program Style

Child-centered - Observation and staff consideration of each child occurs continually so that resources, information and human interactions can be adjusted to meet the changing needs of individuals within each group. In this way, the curriculum is shaped around the ideas, interests and needs of the children as they interact with all aspects of the learning environment.

Indoor/Outdoor Program - Children are free to choose whether they play inside or outside. The environment both inside and out is well-resourced with thoughtfully chosen materials designed to engage a range of abilities and interests. This style of program also means the environment is very peaceful simply because the group (up to 22 children) is widely dispersed. Calmness supports a deeper level of engagement and learning.

Freedom of Choice - Choice is offered to children in abundance. We believe that when children decide for themselves when and how they do things, their level of engagement will often be much deeper. Problem solving skills and lateral thinking will be developed. Feelings of confidence, a spirit of adventure, and feeling in charge of one’s actions are fostered. This greatly enhances the child’s journey towards independence and emotional maturity.

Expressive Arts - A strong emphasis on drama, stories, music and the visual arts has evolved at Chapel Hill Community Kindergarten. These activities encourage children to be creative and to express their own ideas. An annual Art Show of children’s work has become a tradition here.

Goals of the Program

An important goal of the Chapel Hill Community Kindergarten is the development of social human beings. An atmosphere of real warmth and empathy amongst the children and adults is fostered. Three to five year olds have a lot to learn about how to get along with each other; about valuing themselves and others; about friendship; about kindness to all; and about peoples’ similarities and differences. Our program offers a marvelous context for the development of these social and emotional skills as children go about their play having good fun, responding to conflict, and observing the behavior of others while developing an awareness of their own.

Against a background of emerging self-control, sociability and growing emotional maturity, the staff and environment offer children an array of opportunities to develop their bodies’ strength and dexterity; their abilities to think, imagine and express ideas and feelings; to increase their understanding of the world around them and the delights and obligations that awareness brings.

We want children to emerge from these experiences with joyful self-confidence and a strong sense of their own worth.

We want them to respect the feelings and rights of others and to value human differences.

We want children to take delight in the detail and variety of the world around them and develop attitudes of respect and care towards both the natural and human environments.

We want children to develop a positive disposition as lifelong learners.

Building Waterfalls

The staff of Chapel Hill Community Kindergarten are guided by “Building Waterfalls”. This collaborative birth to school age curriculum was developed by C&K. It is a framework for a curriculum that is negotiated by early childhood professionals in consultation with children and families. Together they fill it with life in a way that is meaningful to their lives and their contexts. There are no prescriptions or formulas to follow. Rather educators use their professional knowledge supported by the principles inherent in the framework to guide them as they explore the many possibilities that arise on a daily basis when educators, children and families come together to explore, discover and learn. A copy of the Building Waterfalls Curriculum Framework is available in the parent library for perusal.