Here's what some of our families have to say about Chapel Hill Community Kindergarten:

"Love the Kindy, thank you to everyone for such a wonderful job!"

"I just wanted to thank all of the teachers and support staff. This is an outstanding Kindy and we feel so privileged to be part of this lovely community. Thank you!"

"An absolutely wonderful Kindy."

"CHK is the most beautiful educational environment with nurturing and friendly staff who ensure the children and families have an outstanding start to their early childhood education. I would not hesitate in recommending CHK to anyone with young children and thank the staff for their commitment."

"Wish I could take you all with us to Prep next year!"

"My child changed, developed and became more independent immensely from being at this Kindy. Previously while attending day care, we had tears every day for a very long time. However, loved this Kindy and adapted well from the very first day. The teaching staff are absolutely amazing, caring and so considerate about the children."

"Whatever it is that you are all doing, please keep it up! The Chapel Hill Community Kindy team is amazing!"

"My son is loving his time at Chapel Hill Community Kindergarten. It is not our local kindergarten but well worth the distance we travel to be part of this Kindy community. Both the Pre-Kindy and the kindergarten program have been wonderful and my son has thrived in both. The grounds of the Kindy are just beautiful and the focus on nature is nothing like I have seen in other kindys (the Bush Kindy program in particular is fantastic). My son loves the fact that he can choose to be inside or outside most of the day (there is no set inside and outside play times) and is especially fond of the sand pit and the mud kitchen. My son loves all his teachers and as parent I couldn’t be happier with our overall experience at Chapel Hill."

Siobhan, Blue Group Parent

"Chapel Hill Community Kindergarten is the most wonderful place for children to learn. The staff care for the children as if they were their own. There are a variety of activities for the children each day and the children are free to play where they choose. The Kindy has a focus on the natural environment and the Bush Kindy program they run is a fantastic, unique offering.  Since starting at the Kindy in their Pre-Kindy program, my child has blossomed into a confident and social child. She is now in the Kindy program and absolutely loves going and seeing all her friends. I have no hesitation in recommending Chapel Hill Community Kindergarten to any parent."

Gina, Yellow Group Parent

"My children have loved going to Chapel Hill Kindy and Pre-kindy. The teachers are fantastic, incredibly dedicated to the children in their care. The kindy itself is set in a huge natural garden with trees to climb, a great sandpit and a mud kitchen. I especially love that the children can choose to play indoors or outside all day. Being a small kindy with only one kindy group at time, I feel a real sense of community within the staff and the kindy familes."

Sarah, Red Group Parent & Yellow Group Parent