We are thrilled to announce that Chapel Hill Kindy achieved the best possible result following our triennial assessment visit in June - a level of “Exceeding” against each of the seven national quality standards. For this we can thank our teachers, staff, committee and parents for their diligence, dedication and passion in making our kindy wonderful, not just in the lead-up to our assessment, but every single day. To achieve this rating, our kindy was required to demonstrate that we exceed the national standards in four of the seven quality areas, and meet the standards in the other three. We achieved “exceeding” in all seven standards.

Kindy Co-directors Anna Hutchings and Kim Cujes said of the result, "Thank you to our amazing teaching team, committee and children for a wonderful result in our assessment. A special thanks to Michelle Arthy-Chan, Cheryl Nell and Sandra Palmer for their tireless efforts with all the supporting documentation. And a special thanks to our wonderful parents - Nicholas Bourne, Darren & Phillipa Guppy and Ben Garland who joined the additional working bee."

"We wish to acknowledge the dedicated teachers, parents and committees of past years who have ensured a strong tradition of quality play based learning in a unique and beautiful natural environment. Our excellent result is a reflection of our proud history."

"And last but certainly not least, big hugs and thank yous to our beautiful kindy children who inspired wonderful remarks from our assessor, and who inspire us everyday."

Congratulations everyone! It is official – our kindy really is exceptional.