Pre-Kindy Report September 2019

Red Group Report


We have had so many amazing experiences in the last four weeks, where should I begin!   Let’s start in August with the Dads Campfire Day.  Many Red Group dads joined in the fun: playing, hammering, eating sausages and toasting marshmallows.  Everyone who came had a fabulous morning sharing the fun with their child, especially wonderful for the dads that can’t make it to kindy during the week.  The children were very happy to show their dads around kindy and loved having a real fire at kindy.

We spent time during Red Group at the end of August making memorable hand print cards for our daddies and gave them each a bookmark to help remind them to read us more books.  We discovered that many children loved getting their hands painted and returned several times to make more prints.  Some have continued for the last few weeks making handprints every time we have paint available.  We hope that all the parents send their children in clothes that can get painty, muddy and wet, as we encourage all these hands on explorations at kindy.

Now to the piece de resistance of Term Three…the ART SHOW!!  It was a fabulous success, said all who entered the gates and were amazed by the event.  Seeing the joy on the faces of all the children and their families certainly makes all the hard preparation work worth it.  Red Group contributed a beautiful “Ode to Blue Poles” which consisted of water sprayed on runny paint, which was won by the lovely Robinson family.  We were inspired to create our group canvas using a spray bottle because all Red Group children love to paint using the spray bottle.  We always try to create a canvas that reflects the interests of the group.

New friendships are blossoming each day at Red Group and we are witnessing a new level of maturity in social and dramatic play with some children.  We have celebrated a few Four-year-old birthdays this term and we have enjoyed singing to the birthday child and explaining several times that we cannot eat the Rock Cake, which is difficult because it does look so delicious.

Nearly all the Red Group families came to the Art Show and helped make the huge bottle top water dragon art piece, which is a representation of our special kindy friend, Magil.  A large sculpture of Magil can be found at the nearby Cubberla Creek Park.  We will visit the park and Magil in Term 4 when Red Group has an excursion to visit our Bush Kindy site.

 Thank you to all the children who created the art, teachers who mounted the art and all the helpers who assisted with the setting up and taking down of the Art show.  Thank you to the Deejay Family singers for their beautiful entertainment on the day.  Finally, a big thank you to the cupcake makers and sellers, well done.



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