Application for Waiting List

I hereby apply for membership of Chapel Hill Community Kindergarten and for the enrolment of my child/children as below. I understand that my child’s name will be placed on the waiting list. A child is eligible to be enrolled at birth. 
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Please note: this information is obtained to assist us in planning and does not in any way deny or delay enrolment.
Where did you hear about us?
Waitlist Policy: Please note we offer kindergarten places to families in this order: 1. Current Kindy children at Chapel Hill who are delaying exit from Kindy into Prep. 2. Current Pre-Kindy children who have attended all terms. 3. Wait list children – in order of the date they were placed on the list. (Children are placed on our waiting list from the date payment is received i.e. our $20 (or $5 sibling) Association Fee.
Information on this form is considered Confidential and will only be used for the purpose for which it is intended.
By submitting this form, I hereby agree that I have read the Waitlist Policy above, offers for places will be made in accordance with our Waitlist Policy and lodgement of this enrolment form does not guarantee a place. Offers are made primarily be email, please advise us of any changes to contact details.